Thursday, June 26, 2014

What you should know before getting a Brazilian Hair Weave Applied

Maintain your weave well for longevity

In general, weaves will last about two months before some serious maintenance and styling is needed – keep shampooing it every day, though, as this will keep oil and dirt from your natural hair to stick to and ruin your extensions. You should also keep your hair away from chlorine. If you have to go to a pool, use a swimming cap and make sure that every strand is covered and protected from the water.

Consider using closures

A post in touts the advantages of using lace closure for weaves:

    “A closure is for anyone who doesn’t want to leave ANY hair out but still wants a natural look. To me this seems to be the best way to go if you want to protect as much hair as possible. Back to the facts, closures should be the same hair texture as your weave and should blend in with your scalp to produce natural results.”

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vital Facts about wearing Brazilian Hair Extensions for your Wedding

When to get Wedding Extensions

If you want to get this treatment from your salon so you can sport an amazing look on your wedding day, get your extensions applied at least 2-3 weeks before the big day for the best results. This will allow you to have just enough time to make it blend with the rest of your locks and maybe even experiment on a few hairstyles prior to the wedding.

Blend it In

Elegant virgin Brazilian hair extensions for brides have to efficiently blend in, otherwise it will look forced and unnatural. Aside from choosing the right color to apply, you should also keep from putting in too much extension; it might backfire on you, ending up looking like a big heap of unruly hair on your head instead, aside from also being majorly uncomfortable (you don’t want a sprained neck right after your big day).

Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Avoid Female Hair Loss

Balding problems are typically associated with men rather than women. However, women are also prone to losing hair if they do not take care of their hair and their bodies properly. Here are a few ways to keep your gorgeous locks on your head and off your pillows:

Let It Down

Your preferred hairstyle plays a role in hair loss. Ponytails and buns that are too tight cause the roots to overstretch and weaken. If this happens often enough, the follicles regrow weaker and weaker until they do not regenerate at all. It’s best to let your hair stay down for the majority of your day.

Eat More Protein

Protein is an important nutrient your hair needs to regrow. If you’re avoiding protein in an effort to stay slim, try eating more fish like salmon. This super food is low on calories, but packs a punch in protein and other important nutrients your body needs. You can also try eating vegetables like chickpeas and beans.

Buy a Hair Weave

If your hair has already started to thin out, don’t panic! You can always purchase a beautiful hair weave from a hair extension supplier. This hair extension covers your scalp, protecting your head from harmful agents and providing your hair ample time to recover. After a month or two, you’ll be seeing your natural hair regrow as strong and as vibrant as you remember!

Monday, May 12, 2014

On the Production, Quality, and Care of Remy Extensions

It has become apparent that women buy hair extensions to better improve their physical appearance and have more options with regards to the hairstyles that they want. While most women are content with buying artificial hair extensions, some women would prefer to buy high quality extensions made of real hair. Remy Hair Extensions fit this category, being one of the most expensive but aesthetically superior extensions a person can purchase.

Its Production

The primary source for producing Remy hair comes from actual human hair that is treated and obtained from Indian men and women. Unlike other synthetic hair extensions, the hair used to make Remy hair is carefully collected, with the collectors making sure that the cuticles are still intact so that the hair remains straight and are aligned in one direction. This process prevents tangling of strands and hair damage from collection. Unlike natural extensions like Brazilian hair, Remy extensions are treated to look more beautiful. The treatment process is very different, however, as the application of hair treatment is done before the collecting process, while still on the donor's head.

What Makes Remy Hair Different

Aside from being aesthetically better than other hair extensions, Remy hair can be worn for a longer duration. The attachment process of Remy hair also ensures that the extension does not easily come off and will look more natural with the customer's own hair. Also, as stated before, Remy hair has fewer chances of tangling due to the cuticles being still intact and the hair aligned in one direction.

Taking Care of Remy Hair

While Remy hair does not have clear disadvantages, maintaining the expensive extensions is quite difficult as well. The user of the extensions must rinse, moisturize, and comb them multiple times to maintain their smooth and healthy appearance.


Wearing Remy hair extensions is one of the best options for styling one's own hair. The natural smoothness and shine of the product, as well as its careful and precise production, makes it an expensive extension that many women want to acquire.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Why do Many Women Pick Brazilian Hair?

Of the many types of virgin hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions are arguably the most popular, even with their relatively higher price tags. In fact, it is not unusual to hear about Brazilian hair extensions selling out very quickly due to the high demand. After all, these hair pieces are known to be soft, durable, and easy to manage.
The durability of Brazilian hair, in particular, deserves special mention, as this is one of the qualities that most stylists and hairdressers look for in hair extensions. Brazilian extensions may be dyed with two or more colors without shedding or drying out prematurely. They can also be styled in a lot of different ways, such as braiding and curling, without getting damaged or losing their texture. There are many women, however, who prefer to leave their Brazilian hair extensions untouched, as they usually come already in an exotic, dark brown color with natural waves and curls.
The natural body and fullness of Brazilian hair is another reason for its popularity. It can retain styling for days, or even weeks. Its full body also makes it bouncy, giving off an impression of liveliness and energy. Moreover, despite its strength and fullness, Brazilian hair is also very soft to touch, making it a very appealing choice for women.

The Different Ways of Bonding Hair Extensions onto Your Natural Hair

Women who are looking for an alternative to their tired and dry natural hair can consider wearing a hair weave. Besides offering an instant new look, a hair weave also serves as protection to the natural hair from the damage caused by further processing. However, unlike other integrations we put on the body, hair weaves are quite difficult to install due to their intricate structure.

 There's a wide variety of methods of installing hair extensions or weaves, although they share a common end: to leave no trace of installation and make the weave look natural. This seemingly impossible mission takes time and expertise to accomplish. Some popular bonding methods for hair extensions include hot and cold fusion, clip in, shrinkies, and Brazilian knots.

 Hot and cold fusion involves the use of keratin. This is considered a safe method for bonding hair extensions since the hair is generally made of keratin. This means the bonding agent applied is less likely to harm the natural hair. However, hot fusion can be risky due to the high temperature required to connect the strands of the weave to the natural hair.

The hair extension can also be clipped onto the natural hair using special human clips. The result is usually a continuous flow of hair without a trace of clipping. The clips are hidden underneath and integrated into the tightened ends of the hair. Many suppliers ensure that the hair comes from a single donor to prevent shredding and tangling. Brazilian knots, on the other hand, involves the use of a special thread technique that allows for a stand-by-strand installation. The result is lighter and sturdier than other methods and is also easy to undo. Depending on the growth of the hair, the knots will remain effective for up to four months.

 No matter what method is used, bonding hair extensions is a thing best left to experienced hairstylists. However, any woman can learn over time so long as she has the right resources. It will greatly help to seek the advice of experts before deciding to have a hair extension installed.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some Interesting Facts about Hair Extension Every Woman Should Know

Women in their 20s should start worrying about damaged hair. The daily flat ironing, combing, and blow drying since they’ve learned to primp up may have already taken its toll on their hair. Too much processing may strip essential moisture and enlarge the voids within each follicle, causing it to lose firmness. This isn’t something you want to happen to your own hair.

Unfortunately, you can’t afford to lose the chance of showcasing those shiny head turner tresses, so the only solution is to go under those damaging processes every day. However, with hair weaves, you can avoid further damage to your natural hair and still have smooth and shiny locks.

Hair extensions, more popularly known as hair weaves, are lengths of real or artificial hair strands used to add length or bulk to the real hair. In most cases, users allow a whole new texture and color to be shown by making hair weaves cover their whole head of hair, which is one of the reasons why this can help protect the natural hair.

When looking for a hair extension, consider seeking the advice of a hair stylist first. Besides the need to know how the weave should be installed, you have to know which type is best for your personality. A hair stylist knows just the right color, make, and origin of hair for you and your dress.

Not all hair extensions are of good quality; some come with improperly installed hair or visible locks. You still need to make sure that the weave you’ll purchase is manufactured and distributed by a reputable company. It helps to do some research and to ask the opinion of peers who have been wearing hair weaves for a long time.

The weaves should not be installed too tightly near the scalp as it may cause long-term damage to the natural hair. The level of comfort should tell you whether or not the weaves are properly installed. Besides, wearing a weave is more enjoyable if you feel like you’re not wearing anything on your head.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Methods for Effective and Gorgeous Styling of Virgin Hair Extensions

Every woman has her own taste. Whether regarding clothes, accessories, or any other thing, each one has a particular preferred style. The same thing goes with their hair. Generally considered as every woman’s “crowning glory”, there are technically a lot of ways that women can get their locks stylized. Whether it’s a new cut, color, or even lengthening short locks, virtually endless possibilities are available.

 Effective lengthening of short hair in short time spans has always been attributed to both synthetic and natural methods, the most notable of which are virgin hair extensions. These are characterized for their natural look, which doesn’t differ much from the user’s own hair in terms of appearance. And they don’t only look exactly like the wearer’s real hair, but they can also be cared for and styled like the latter.

Styling Methods for Virgin Hair Extensions

Sewing in their virgin hair extensions is one method. This is done by braiding the natural hair into cornrows, then sewing the extensions into the braids using special needles and thread. The needles used for this process can be curved or straight, depending on the situation. Curved needles are slightly preferred for safety reasons; this is to avoid pricking the scalp.

The extensions can also be attached with tiny links that either match the wearer’s hair color or are clear. One of these is the micro link, which is a light, transparent ring applied to the hair extensions, then clamped tightly for a firm hold. The rings come in a wide range of sizes: in general, the larger the ring, the stronger the link. But since bigger rings may be more visible, they’re not usually recommended.

After attaching the extensions, it’s time to get personal. Based on preference, women can wear their hair down to better accentuate their facial features (cheek bones, eyes, face shape, etc.), or style them up to add a bit of height. They can also sport quirky, funky looks, provided that the extensions they’re wearing are fit to their preferred style.